Body Sounds in Hindi to English

Body sounds in Hindi to English

There are some natural sounds which are produced out of our body. You know them well in Hindi but sometimes you get confused to speak about them in English. You can improve your vocabulary by knowing about those body sounds in Hindi to English too.

Here is a list of such sounds.

1. उबासी लेना -Yawning
2. खर्राटे लेना- Snoring
3. दांत किटकिटाना – Teeth Grinding
4. दर्द से कराहना – Groaning
5. डकार – Burp or Belch
6. हिचकी – Hiccups
7. छींक – Sneeze
8. खाँसी -Cough
9. फ़ूँक मारना -to blow
10. सीटी बजाना- whistling

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