Whose vs Who’s

Whose vs Who's

Whose vs Who’s

This post is about whose vs Who’s. “Whose” and “who’s” are two homophones that are often confused in writing. They have different meanings and usages:


• “Whose” (pronoun) is used to show possession or ownership, similar to “his” or “her.” It is used when you want to ask or state to whom something belongs.


• Whose book is this?

• I don’t know whose car is this?

• Whose jacket is hanging there?


• “Who’s” (a contraction) is short for “who is” or “who has.” It combines the pronoun “who” with the verb “is” or “has.”


• Who’s coming to the party tonight? (Who is coming to the party tonight?)

• I wonder who’s going to win the game. (I wonder who is going to win the game.)

• Who’s been working on this project? (Who has been working on this project?)

It was all about whose vs Who’s. In summary, “whose” indicates possession, while “who’s” is a contraction of “who is” or “who has.” Make sure to choose the correct one based on the context of your sentence.

I hope there is no confusion to understand these homophones now.

Whose vs Who's
Whose vs Who’s

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