Thanks vs Thank You

Thanks vs Thank you

‘Thanks’ and ‘Thank you’ seem to be the same to be used by many prople. Most of the people consider ‘Thanks’ and ‘Thank you’ can be used any where in the same situation to express their gratitude. That’s true that they both are expressions of appreciation and gratitude. While the difference might be considered minimal, …

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Formal vs Informal English

Formal and informal English serve different purposes. They are not very different from each other. The line of difference between formal and informal English can be quite blurry. Most of the time, people use informal expressions instead of formal expressions. The choice of words and expressions vary between the two styles. Formal English is used …

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Syllable Structure in English

Syllable Syllable is another important concept of English pronunciation. Syllables are the building blocks of a word. Unless we understand syllables, we will continue to make mistakes in pronunciation. To know about a syllable in detail, click here.Understanding syllables helps a lot with pronunciation. They improve reading and speaking skills also. When we say a word, the sounds …

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Common Mispronounced words with almost similar spellings

In this post, I’ll discuss about very common mispronounced words with almost same spellings. You will know about how a small difference in the spelling changes the pronunciation and meaning of the word. These words, about which I have discussed below, create a lot of confusion therefore, people misunderstand their meaning by mispronouncing them. Cloth …

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Expand your vocabulary

10 words (Adjectives) to describe People Vocabulary plays an important part in learning to read. Vocabulary can make your writing more powerful and more effective and help you say exactly what you mean. It Sharpens Your Communication. If you have good vocabulary, you have a choice to choose the correct word more appropriately. Here, I have brought 10 …

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