Various Ways of Speaking- Hindi to English

Speaking is one of the most important skills. We speak to communicate. If we do not speak, we cannot communicate easily. There are various ways of speaking. Our ways of speaking about anything varies as per our mood, emotion and situation. How we speak in various ways, let’s check it out in Hindi to English.

Various ways of speaking

1. हकलाना- Stammering
She could not speak fluently due to her stammering problem.
2.फुसफुसाना- whispering
Stop whispering while you are in my class.
3.चिल्लाना- yelling
Why was he yelling at you?
4.बड़बड़ाना murmur
He murmurs while sleeping.
5.बक बक करना या ज्यादा बोलना -Chatter
Why do you chatter like a parrot.
6.गप मारना – Gossip
These ladies always gossip about one another.

7.ताने मारना- taunt
It’s his habit to taunt.

Stop taunting each other.

8.मजाक उड़ाना make fun of
Don’t make fun of his weakness.
सांत्वना देना console
You should console him for this loss.

9.पीठ पीछे बुराई करना back bitching
They are busy doing back bitching.

10.आलोचना या निंदा करना criticise
It’s easier to criticize others than to do something.
11.खुद के बारे में बढ़-चढ़कर बोलना boasting
He is boasting about his bank balance.
I am not boasting but she deserves this award.

12.कराहना – groaning
He was groaning with pain.

These were a few different ways of speaking.

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