English Pronunciation and Phonetics: A Comprehensive Study Course 

This book English Pronunciation and Phonetics – A Comprehensive Study Course, highlights the importance of improving English pronunciation and provides a detailed study of Phonetics in the main areas:
•How is speech produced? (Articulatory Phonetics or Speech Production)
•How is speech written down? (Phonetic Transcription)
This book is mainly intended for the students of phonetics, linguistics and who are studying English language.

I have included exercises at the end of a few chapters. These exercises are meant to check and enhance the key concepts introduced in the chapters. You will get the answer key to exercises in the end.

An Easy Approach to Improve English Speaking and Pronunciation

Knowing English makes you confident enough to talk to anyone in this world which plays very important role for your personality development. There are many people who want to speak in English but they struggle a lot to speak in English. Many of them can understand English language but when they start speaking they face many problems like lack of fluency and incorrect pronunciation while speaking in English. This book An Easy Approach to English Speaking and Pronunciation is an ultimate solution for all your problems related to learn English speaking, to improve fluency and English pronunciation. 

Success Mantra: A Short Story 

This is a short story about a girl Shivanshi who belongs to a middle class family and struggles to achieve her dream by believing in a mantra.
The title of the story which is ‘Success Mantra’ delineates the theme very well. The climax of the story starts with a ‘mantra’ which plays a very important role in the story. It will surely catch readers’ interest to know about that ‘mantra’ which worked magically for Shivanshi to face challenges. Who gave that mantra to her? Can some ‘mantra’ work to achieve success? If some ‘mantra’ can work, how it works. All the questions will be answered in this very interesting story.
I hope maximum readers get that ‘success mantra’ for their life in this story.

Good Habits: Peter Got A Lesson – A Short Story For Kids 

“Good Habits-Peter got a Lesson-A Short Story for Kids’ is an E-Book specially created to inculcate Good Habits in the kids.This book has various pictures illustrated with short and simple sentences.Kids can easily read the book or can learn reading.The simple text in the book will surely help normal as well as special kids for sight reading.Pictures used in the book are specially for kid’s interest.Finally an interesting story gives a message to develop good habits.The kids will surely like it.

This book “Learn English & Maths Level 1- An Activity Book for Special Children” is specially designed to teach the autistic children the way they learn. It has a collection of worksheets, specially created for the children to start learning English and Maths in an easy way. It will be beneficial for other children also.
What will your child learn doing various activities in this book?

  • Identifying all the letters in English
  • Phonic Sounds
  • Picture observation
  • Identifying the first letter of the given picture
  • Sight Words
  • Reading and writing
  • Speaking
  • Identifying Colors and their names
  • Body Parts
  • Sorting
  • Fine Motor Skill
  • Coloring
  • Identifying numbers 1 to 10
  • Counting
  • Matching
  • Shape Recognition
  • Concept of the same and different
  • Equal and More
  • Sequencing

Happy learning to all the kids!

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