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Everyday vs Every day

Everyday and every day seem to be the same that’s why they are inter changed often in written English.Both everyday and every day are correct, but they mean different things. Everyday Everyday, written as one word without space between every and day is an adjective. We use it to describe something that is seen or used every day. It describes …

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Practice vs Practise

Practice and practise are the most commonly confused words in English.  Many people get confused to use them incorrectly by inter changing them. As a result their meaning gets changed. You will get to know the difference between practice and practise and their correct use in this post. Practice Practice ending with ice is a …

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Phonemes in English

There are 26 letters in English alphabet but we get 44 sounds from those 26 letters. Those 44 sounds are called phonemes in IPA International Phonetic Alphabet. Phonemes play very important role in English pronunciation. What is Phoneme? Phoneme is the smallest unit of English speech sounds. It cannot be broken further.They are written between …

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Mispronounced Words with Silent Letter D

There are various words with silent letter D which are often mispronounced. This post is about such mispronounced words with silent letter D. You can read about other Silent Letters in English. Would you like to know about those words and their correct pronunciation? Watch this short video to have quick look.

English Speaking Tips

English speaking is the need of the day. English is a global language which connects one person to another from different countries as it becomes a medium of communication. It becomes easy to get a job or promotion, if you know to speak in English. Sometimes it becomes difficult to learn English as a second …

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Pronunciation Practice Passage

Common Pronunciation Mistakes Learning English pronunciation is as important as English speaking. Correct English pronunciation helps you convey your message clearly to the receiver. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for non native speakers to pronounce correctly in English. That is the reason that most of the people pronounce very common words incorrectly. Here is passage …

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House vs Home

House and home seem to be the same. They are different from each other. A home is an abstract concept whereas a house is a concrete concept.Just read the post to find out the difference between the house and home. House The dictionary meaning of a house is “a building for human habitation.”House is a …

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Mistakes versus Errors

Mistakes and errors seem to be the same but there is a subtle difference between them. Mistake and error mean something that is done incorrectly or produces a wrong outcome. But the difference between these two words is in the context that they are used in. Mistakes Mistake is an action, decision or judgement that …

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Syllabification and rules with examples

What is syllabification? How to syllabify a word? What are the important rules for syllabification? You will get answer to all these questions in this post. Before knowing about the syllabification which is also known as syllabication, you must know about the importance of syllabification. Importance of Syllabification •Syllabification makes it easy to read new …

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Since vs For

We use since and for to refer to time. They are used to refer to an event that began in the past and continues to the present. Since In English, we use since to refer to a point of time. Since can refer to a point after a specific time or event in the past. Since  refers to a …

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Thanks vs Thank You

Thanks vs Thank you

‘Thanks’ and ‘Thank you’ seem to be the same to be used by many prople. Most of the people consider ‘Thanks’ and ‘Thank you’ can be used any where in the same situation to express their gratitude. That’s true that they both are expressions of appreciation and gratitude. While the difference might be considered minimal, …

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Effect vs Affect

Effect vs Affect

Both the words effect and affect sound alike but have different pronunciation and meaning. These can be confusing words but there can be easy ways to remember their correct use by knowing their meaning with examples. Effect Most of the times the word “effect” is used as a noun. Effect (Noun) means a change which …

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