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Dr. Anshul Saxena, B.Ed., Ph.D. (English) is a well qualified and experienced English Lecturer. Since she got started as a writer, she has found a sense of fulfilment in her life. She enjoys writing about her passions, what interests her, what interests other people, and sharing it with the world. She has been writing since years. She stepped into the field of writing when she was in her early childhood days. By writing and erasing on a piece of paper, she became an experienced writer, poet and blogger to communicate her ideas in different styles. She started expressing her feelings digitally in the form of her blog named Expressions Hub where she keeps on posting her poems, articles and stories. Her passion to share her accumulated knowledge and thoughts inspired her to start her Youtube channel Explore More and Learn and blog Explore More and Learn. Here you can explore the world of English with her.

Her love to portray her feelings and thoughts in her digital diary gave birth to an author in her. She has published few books. Books by Dr. Anshul Saxena are available on Amazon. Her journey for writing and learning still continues.

She launched her book to have an easy and correct approach to improve English Speaking and Pronunciation.

Few other books by her:

  • Autism: Signs, Symptoms, Causes. 8 Important Tips to Improve Autistic Children
  • Success Mantra: A Short Story– A very motivational and interesting short story
  • How to Speak In English: Very Useful Tips
  • Self Improvement: Know Your Potential

Three story books below have been written for sight reading. These will be very good books for special and other kids as well to enhance their reading abilities.

3. A Day with Mary: A Guessing Game Story

4.7 Days and Mary’s Activities

5. Good Habits: Peter Got a Lesson

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