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What is it that fuels each and every one of us in this world? For me, it is Explore More. “Explore More and Learn” is a title for blog which will help you know something new. As I believe there is always something new to explore and something new to know. Let’s explore the world of English. Here you can explore posts to improve and learn about English Pronunciation, English Speaking, Writing, Grammar, Phonetics etc.

Since I got started as a blogger back in 2012, I have found such a sense of fulfillment in my own life. I enjoy writing about my passions, what interests me, what interests other people, and sharing it with the world. Hopefully, with each passing day, Explore More gains more followers, and with that, even more success.

  • Speak and Pronounce Correctly in English / English Sounds and Letters
    Speak and Pronounce Correctly   In English there is no one to one correspondence between spelling and sound. There are various letters and sounds which represent different sounds or letters.     A letter may stand for different sounds.      e.g. Cat /kǽt/  Civil /sɪvɪl/    Here we notice that letter ‘C’ represent ‘K’ … Read more
  • English Speech Sounds -12 Pure Vowels and their Symbols
    Pronunciation Phonetic transcription and knowledge about English speech sounds is often ignored by many English learners. Correct and clear pronunciation is as important as listening and speaking skills. If you know how to pronounce the words and phrases correctly, your level of speech understanding is also increased. To have clear pronunciation, you should understand about … Read more
  • Diphthongs- Impure Vowels
    Hello everyone! In my previous post, I explained you about 12 Monophthongs or pure vowels out of 20 vowels. To know about Monophthongs, you can click here. In this post, I will explain about 8 Diphthong sounds. Diphthongs A diphthong is a sound made by combining two vowels specifically when it starts as one vowel sound and … Read more
  • 24 Consonant Sounds and Symbols
    In this post, I’ll talk about 24 consonant speech sounds and their symbols with various examples. This post is the next part of blog post series to “Learn correct English Pronunciation”. To learn correct English Pronunciation, you should know about phonetic transcription. Click here to read. I have already explained about phonetic transcription, English speech sounds … Read more
  • 30 Very Common Mispronounced Words in English
    Very Common Mispronounced Words in English     English plays a very important role in our day to day life. It creates a good impression on others, if a person speaks fluently in English…but it can create a bad impression on others, if a person mispronounces English words , speacially when the words are very … Read more

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