24 Consonant Sounds and Symbols

In this post, I’ll talk about 24 consonant speech sounds and their symbols with various examples. This post is the next part of blog post series to “Learn correct English Pronunciation”. To learn correct English Pronunciation, you should know about phonetic transcription. Click here to read. I have already explained about phonetic transcription, English speech sounds and their symbols in my previous blog posts. Click here to read about English Speech Sounds -12 Pure Vowels (Monophthongs) & their Symbols. I have already discussed about 8 Impure Vowels or Diphthongs. Click here to read about Diphthongs or 8 Impure Vowels.  

Consonant Sounds and Symbols

A consonant is a speech sound that is articulated with complete or partial closure of the vocal tract. A consonant sound makes a block of air as it leaves the body. As there are 26 letters in English Alphabet. A.E,I,O,U are 5 vowel letters and rest 21 are consonant letters.  

b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, y, z
We get 24 consonant sounds from these 21 consonant letters.
/ p /
 / f /
/   /
 / l /
/ b /
/ v /
 / /
 / ʃ /
  / t /
 / θ /
 / m /
 / ʒ /
/ d /
 / ð /
/ n /
 / h/
/ k /
/ s  /
 / ŋ /
 / j /
  / g /
/ z /
 / r  /
/ w /
These 24 consonant sounds can be grouped into two groups:-
1) Voiced Consonants  
2)Unvoiced or voiceless Consonants

Voiced Consonants:

When the vocal cords vibrate fully while pronouncing consonant sound that consonant is called voiced.
/b/bit, clubs, job
/d/day, ladder, lid
/g/get, eggs, bag
/v/view , heavy, move
/ð/this, other, clothe
/ ʒ /    pleasure, vision
//    judge , age, large
/ z /zoo, buzzed, lose

Unvoiced Consonants:

We get unvoiced consonant when the vocal cords do not vibrate while pronouncing the consonant. 
/p /        pin, spin, happen
/ f /        fan, coffee, half
/ θ /        thin, months, bath
/ t /         toy, stone, seat
/ s /         sip,  taste, boss
/ ʃ /          ship, wished, fresh
/ /         chain, match, teach
/ k /         key, clock, school, talk
/ h /         hot, behave, ahead

You read about consonant speech sounds and their symbols. Click here to check manner of articulation for consonant sounds. In my previous posts part 1,2,3 and 4, I have explained about 44 English Speech sounds and their symbols with various examples. Click here to read about Pure vowels (monophthongs) and their symbols. Click here to read about Impure Vowels or Diphthongs and their symbols.
  If you revise all English Speech sounds and their symbols, you will not find any kind of difficulty to pronounce any new word in English. You will be able to learn the correct pronunciation as well as the phonetic transcription for any word.

Watch the video below to understand this post better.

Keep revising! Keep learning!

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