Syllabification and rules with examples

What is syllabification? How to syllabify a word? What are the important rules for syllabification? You will get answer to all these questions in this post. Before knowing about the syllabification which is also known as syllabication, you must know about the importance of syllabification. Importance of Syllabification •Syllabification makes it easy to read new …

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Syllable Structure in English

Syllable Syllable is another important concept of English pronunciation. Syllables are the building blocks of a word. Unless we understand syllables, we will continue to make mistakes in pronunciation. To know about a syllable in detail, click here.Understanding syllables helps a lot with pronunciation. They improve reading and speaking skills also. When we say a word, the sounds …

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Common Mispronounced words with almost similar spellings

In this post, I’ll discuss about very common mispronounced words with almost same spellings. You will know about how a small difference in the spelling changes the pronunciation and meaning of the word. These words, about which I have discussed below, create a lot of confusion therefore, people misunderstand their meaning by mispronouncing them. Cloth …

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