8 ways to pronounce the letter A

8 ways to pronounce the letter A

All the letters in English do not correspond one-on-one with the sounds of English. Each letter can represent various sounds. This mismatch between the letters and the sound can create a lot of confusion to pronounce a word correctly in English.
To know exactly how a word is pronounced, you should consider the International Phonetic Alphabet transcription of the word. 

Learn about the IPA in detail.

12 pure vowel sounds and their symbols

Diphthong sounds with their symbols.

24 Consonant sounds and their symbols.

Today we’re going to look at the letter A and all the different sounds it can represent. It’s a vowel letter so all the sounds we get from the letter A are vowel sounds. Remember, all vowels are made through the mouth and are voiced so you vibrate your vocal chords to make the sound.

Various Sounds by the letter A


We get this sound in the words
Bat /bæt/
Mat /mæt/
Act /ækt/
Have /hæv/
Flat /flæt/


It is similar to the /æ/ sound, but the two little dots mean that it is a longer sound.
Arm /ɑ:m/
Ask /ɑ:sk/
Cart /kɑ:t/
Father /ˈfɑːðə(r)/
Start /stɑ:t/


About /əˈbaʊt/
Around /əˈɹaʊnd/
Among /əˈmʌŋ/
Across /əˈkrɒs/




Shake /ʃeɪk/
Gate /ɡeɪt/
Late /leɪt/

Able /ˈeɪbl/
Plate /pleɪt/


Many /ˈmeni/
Any /ˈeni/

/eə /
Share /ʃeə/
Care /keə/


What /wɒt/
Want /wɒnt/

These were the 8 ways to pronounce the letter ‘A’ with sounds and symbols.

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