30 Very Common Mispronounced Words in English

Very Common Mispronounced Words in English

    English plays a very important role in our day to day life. It creates a good impression on others, if a person speaks fluently in English…but it can create a bad impression on others, if a person mispronounces English words , speacially when the words are very common. Here, in this post , I am providing a list of 30 Very Common Mispronounced English Words with their correct pronunciation. I have already explained about English speech sounds and their symbols in my previous posts, so I hope you will easily understand the phonetic transcription for the mispronounced words to know the correct pronunciation.   you can click here to watch my previous video tutorials related to how to pronounce in English correctly

  30 Mispronounced Words 

1.Pronunciation /prənʌnsɪeɪʃn/  

2.Forget     /fəget/ f-get  

3.Bowl /bəʊl/  b-u-l  

4.Dessert /dizɜ:t/ di-z-t  

5.Develop /dɪveləp/       

6.Pizza  /pɪ:tzsə/ peet-z  

7.Saloon /sǽlɒn/  sa-lon sa like pa in pant  

8.Coupon /ku:pɒn/  

9.Truth  /tru:θ/  

10.Tomb  /tu:m/  

11.Man /mǣn/ 

12.Woman  /wʊmən/

13.  Men  /men /

14.  Women /wɪmɪn/

15.Foolish   /fu:liʃ/

16.Curtain /kɜ:tn/

17.Respect /rɪspekt/

18.Biology /baɪɒlʤɪ/

19.Natural   /nǽʧrl/

20.Comfortable /kʌmfətəbl/ 

21.Monk  /mʌŋk/ 

22.Explain  /iksplein/   

23. Student /stju:dnt/ 

24. Cloth    /klɒθ/ 

25.Clothe /kləʊð/

26.Almond  /a:mənd/ 

 27.Dengue  /deŋg i:/   

28.Wednesday  /wenzdei /   

29.Suite  /swi:t /   

30.Quote  /kwəʊt/

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