How to Speak in English-Useful Tips

Importance of English

Why is it important to speak in English? This question can be answered better by a person who has difficulty to speak in English. Right? If you are reading this post, I can easily guess you are one of them who wants to improve English speaking. If you wanna know about how to speak in English, this post is for you. Let’s start to know “How to Speak in English – Useful Tips”.

English is an international language spoken in the whole world. It is also known as a link language as it connects one state to another state and one country to another country. If you know English you can easily convey your message to another person from different state or country. It plays very important role from school to multinational companies, from television to internet. If you know English, you surely get extra advantage in getting good jobs, promotions, good posts or admission in good colleges. In fact everybody wants his child to study in English medium schools.

If you know to speak in English, you feel confident about the fact that you can speak with anyone from any state or country. Your confidence plays very important role for your personality development. There are many people who want to speak in English but they can’t. They struggle a lot to speak in English and want to learn English speaking.

Useful tips to learn English Speaking

This post is for each and every one who wants to learn English speaking. I will give you very useful and easy tips to learn English speaking. Read this post carefully and follow the tips. First of all I will tell you about the four aspects of English. All four aspects of English listening, reading, writing and speaking play very important role to learn English speaking.

1. Listening

Children also learn a new language by listening. They don’t know any language when they come in this world but they learn by listening to their elders. Initially they speak slowly but by and by they start speaking very fluently. In the same way you can learn a lot by listening. The more you listen the more you learn.  

  •     Watch English movies and listen to the dialogues carefully.
  • Watch English news channels and listen very carefully. If you watch the same news in Hindi or in your mother tongue before watching in English that will help you more.
  •     Watch English Serials
  •     Listen to other people carefully around you who speak in English Listen to English songs.

 2.  Reading

  • Start reading in English.
  •  Read Advertisements, Notice-boards, e-mails etc. in English.
  • Read English books like short stories or novels.
  • Read English News paper-You can choose a page of your interest in English News paper initially. You can choose sports, politics or economics etc.
  • Read English Magazines– You can select magazine of your interest. For e.g. magazine about cooking, film or politics etc.

Remember when you read you read loudly. Reading aloud plays very important role to make your English Speaking better, smooth and fine. While reading loudly you get practice for speaking. Reading in English enhances your vocabulary as well as sentence formation which helps for speaking.  

 3. Writing

Practising writing in English is also very important to learn English speaking. You can write about how did you spend your day in English? You can choose any topic of interest. Such kind of practice will help you register English words and sentences in your mind. You should also make a practice to write your messages on social media in English.

 4. Learn

Learn a new word in English everyday and try to use learned words in your conversation.As I suggested you to practise reading so while reading you can underline the words which you don’t know and learn their meaning. In this way you will learn their use while reading then you can practise to use those words in your conversation.

 5. Think

Think in English whenever you feel free. As nobody is going to stop you to think in English.Thinking anything what you want will help you speak in English.  

 6. Speak

To learn to speak in English you have to start speaking in English.

 Stand in front of mirror and start speaking in English. It will develop your confidence. When you speak your brain and organs of speech get practice to speak in English. You can speak in English with your friends or a person whom you think know better English. If ask them to help you wherever needed, you will surely get support.

One more way to practise English speaking is that you can make a call to customer care which is absolutely free and choose English to talk to that person. It is their duty to understand your problem and message. They will help you the best and they will also talk to you in English.

7. Practice

   Practise speaking in English regularly by following all the above mentioned tips. You might have heard that practice makes a man perfect.  Therefore, keep practising.

 8. Avoid

There are certain things which should be avoided to learn English speaking.

· Hesitation: One should not hesitate while speaking in English. He should speak with confidence. You just speak whether wrong or right but speaking is must. · Fear: Do not be afraid of English speaking. Do not have any kind of fear in your mind like “what will people think about me? How will they react? They will laugh at me.” Remove such kind of thoughts from your mind if you want to speak in English. · Translation: · Do not make your practice to translate your mother tongue in English while talking to someone in English. Such kind of practice will hinder your continuity and confidence. You will take more time to reply back which will hinder the communication process and there are more chances to make mistakes. Every language has its own expression so translation will not be a good idea at all.

These all are the tips for those who want to learn to speak in English. Initially you can face some problems but little practice will help you grow better. Do not bother about your initial mistakes. Everybody does mistakes while learning something new so just do mistakes and you will learn from your mistakes. Follow all the tips and avoid what I suggested. Practise all these tips everyday and I am sure you will be speaking in English very soon. In fact you can leave your comment in the comment box.

Read this post to get to know about the useful tips to speak impressive English.

If you have any question, you can ask in the comment box below. I will revert you back.

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