Practice vs Practise

Practice and practise are the most commonly confused words in English.  Many people get confused to use them incorrectly by inter changing them. As a result their meaning gets changed.

You will get to know the difference between practice and practise and their correct use in this post.


Practice ending with ice is a noun which means something that is usually or regularly done, often as a habit.

For example

▪︎Practice makes a man perfect.

▪︎You should do practice before playing cricket.

▪︎She wants to do practice to speak in English.


Practise ending with ise is a verb which means to do something regularly to improve your abilityor skill.

For example

▪︎She practised as a doctor for many years.
▪︎He wants to practise to speak in English.
▪︎You should practise before speaking on the stage.

Now see the difference between practice and practise by using them in the sentences.

You should practise well to speak in English as practice makes a man perfect.

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