Diphthong Sound /eɪ/ with Examples

Diphthong Sound /eɪ/ with Examples

A diphthong is a sound made by combining two vowels specifically when it starts as one vowel sound and goes to another sound.

The diphthong sound /eɪ/ is the combination of two vowel sounds /e/ and /ɪ/. The combination of these two vowel sounds, make one diphthong sound that is /eɪ/.

Diphthong vowels are also known as gliding vowels as there is a glide or shift from one vowel to another.

When we pronounce the diphthong sound /eɪ/ there is a glide from the vowel /e/ to/ɪ/.That is the reason that diphthongs are considered as difficult vowels.

When we pronounce this diphthong /eɪ/, the position and the shape of our mouth change to maintain the glide from one vowel to another. Just like other vowel sounds,our vocal chords vibrate while pronouncing this diphthong sound. It is voiced sound.


  • great [ɡɹeɪt]
  • date [deɪt]
  • they /ðeɪ/
  • make /meɪk/
  • tastes /teɪsts/
  • play /pleɪ/
  • away /әˈweɪ/
  • Day /deɪ/
  • way /weɪ/
  • eight /eɪt/
  • age /eɪdʒ/
  • name /neɪm/
  • major /meɪʤɚ/
  • space /speɪs/
  • place /pleɪs/
  • communicate / kəˈmjuːnɪkeɪt/

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