Names of Kitchen Utensils- Hindi to English

There are several things around us which we use in our day to life. Many of us know how to say their names in our first language but not in English. It becomes important to add these words to your vocabulary to improve your English.

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In this post I’ll tell you names of utensils from Hindi to English. These words will help you improve your vocabulary related to kitchen.

Learn to speak English sentences to be used in the kitchen.

1. Karchul (करछली/ कलछल) – Slotted Spoon

2. Chamcha (चमचा) – Ladle

3. Chalni (छलनी /चलनी) – Sieve / Strainer

4. Okhli (ओखली/ मूसल) – Mortar

5. Lota (लोटा) – Small rounded metal pot

6. Tawa (तवा) – Griddle

7. Chimta (चिमटा/ पकड़ /सड़सी) – Tongs

8. Kaddukas (कद्दूकस) – Grater

9. Chakla (चकला) -Rolling Board
10. Belan (बेलन) – Rolling Pin

11. Parat( परात) – High hipped platter

12. Kadai ( कढ़ाई) – Wok

13. बड़ी चम्मच- Table spoon

14. छोटी चम्मच- Tea spoon

15. Fentani (फेंटनी) – Whisk

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