Why and how to expand vocabulary

Importance of Good Vocabulary 

 Vocabulary plays a very important role to teach and learn a foreign language. Good vocabulary boosts your power of persuasion. The more words you have the better opportunity you have to express your own ideas and to interpret others ideas. A great number of words not only sharpens your communication skills but it also improves your capabilities to express yourself more impressively and effectively.

The point of having a good vocabulary is not to use complicated words to impress or confuse other people. In order to be effective, communication has to be simple.
It’s pretty obvious that a larger vocabulary can help prevent these frustrating situations, allowing us to choose words with greater precision.
If you don’t have good vocabulary you try to substitute other words in place of the exact word.  A great vocabulary is just one essential tool in a writer’s toolbox. Vocabulary can make your writing and communication more powerful and more effective. It helps you say exactly what you mean.
Good vocabulary helps us understand exact meaning and context when we listen and read. On the other hand it helps us express in better way while speaking and writing.

How should you improve your vocabulary

Now you have understood well the importance of good vocabulary. You should also know how should you expand and improve your vocabulary. Here, I’ll suggest some tips to boost your vocabulary.

Learn new word everyday

Try to learn a new word everyday. It’s not enough to learn a word. Unless you practise that word regularly in your writing or your communication, you will forget that word. So do practice for what you learn.

Pursue unfamiliar words

It happens often when you read something you come across many unfamiliar words.
Don’t just gloss over them; take the time to look them up, and if you don’t have the time right then, write them down and look them up later.

Word Puzzles

We do word puzzles in our free time but they are very beneficial to boost our vocabulary. There are many words which remain in our brain but we don’t use them. Crossword puzzles are a challenge that gets our brain working hard to search our memory for words we know but don’t use, and this can help us move words from our memory banks into our working set of vocabulary which will come across in our writing and communication.

Finally, remember that it’s not simply the number of words in your vocabulary that’s important; it’s the manner in which you use your words. A large vocabulary shouldn’t be used to boast. Rather, it should be used to expand your thinking and communicate more effectively on your path to becoming a more well-rounded, curious, and engaged individual.
Watch this video below to expand your vocabulary.?

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