Effect vs Affect

Effect vs Affect

Both the words effect and affect sound alike but have different pronunciation and meaning. These can be confusing words but there can be easy ways to remember their correct use by knowing their meaning with examples.


Most of the times the word “effect” is used as a noun.

Effect (Noun) means a change which is a result or consequence of an action or other cause.

In simple words effect means a change that is caused by something; a result.


Your voice added a special effect in my video.

The effect of your speech was magical.

This medicine had an immediate effect.

That medicine had no effect.

The change of a place had a great effect on my health.


Effect is used as verb also which means to cause something to happen; bring about to achieve something and cause it to happen.

For example:

It will take several years to effect meaningful changes in our political system.


The word affect is most commonly used as a verb which means to act on or produce a change in someone or something.

It means to influence or have an impact on something.

For example

Corona virus affected my health badly.

Your personal issues should not affecr your profession.

The next lockdown will surely affect our economy.

Effect and Affect in a sentence

The effect of too little sleep affected my health.

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