Euphemism – A Figure of Speech


Euphemism – a figure of speech in English in which a word or phrase is used to avoid saying an unpleasant or offensive word.
It is used to replace phrasing that can be considered harsh or impolite. A person can say something indirectly by using euphemism without using literal language. So it is an indirect word or expression that you use instead of a more direct one when you are talking about something that is unpleasant or embarrassing.
This figure of speech allows a writer to address  sensitive, offensive, or unpleasant subjects in a more delicate or polite manner. Read about Alliteration- A Figure of Speech also.

Examples of Euphemism

“Senior citizen” is a euphemism for”old person”.
• Economical instead of cheap
• economically challenged (poor)
• split (divorce)
• She’s between jobs. — She’s unemployed
• She’s on the streets. — She’s homeless.
• Not the sharpest pencil in the box instead of not smart
• Differently-abled instead of handicapped or disabled
• Vertically-challenged instead of short
• Economical with the truth instead of liar
• Big-boned instead of fat or overweight
• Restroom instead of toilet
• Pregnancy termination instead of abortion
• Mentally challenged instead of retarded
• Visually challenged instead of blind

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