5 Useful Tips to start Speaking in English

This post is for anyone who wants to learn to speak in English as second language, who is a non native speaker, who has never gone to an English medium school. I’ll discuss very simple but important points which will be very helpful for you to learn English speaking. You will come to know about some misconceptions which people have related to English speaking. Let’s check it out what are those important things which you should know to speak in English.

1. Ability to communicate:

What to do if you don’t have good vocabulary? What to do if you are not very good at English grammar?
If you know basic grammar or if you don’t have huge collection of English words, you should have the ability to communicate well. Communication needs good understanding from both the sides. You should understand other person as well as you should make other person understands you.
Suppose somebody says, ” Today I listened to a new singer. What a mesmerising performance he gave!”
May be you don’t know exact meaning of the word mesmerising but you can guess well about the word. Definitely something is expressed to appreciate someone.
In the same way, if you have to speak the same sentence but you don’t have good vocabulary, you can replace the words with other easy words which you know. Like “Today a new singer sang well.” You can convey your message successfully in simple words also. You just have to develop an ability to communicate with others. Keep on adding new words in your vocabulary.

2. Be Natural:

First of all, you have to keep in your mind when you speak in English, there is no need to imitate a native speaker initially. It’s ok, if you have your own accent. In-fact native speakers also have their own accent. Like Americans have their accent and Britishers have their own accent. As I belong to India, I learned English as a second language. In my country all the famous people who have been to foreign countries and communicated well with foreigners, had never copied or imitated foreign accent. They have their own accent. It’s absolutely fine, if you have your own accent. Your primary purpose is to communicate well. So, just try to convey your message successfully, when you communicate in English.

3. Be Fluent:

You should understand it well what fluency means. When you are learning English as a beginner or you are trying to improve your English speaking, you should focus on the flow not on the speed. Generally people get confused between fluency and high speed. No need to run fast and faster while speaking in English. You are not driving a super fast train. So just relax! Try to maintain a flow and a continuity so that you may convey what you want to convey.

4. Be confident:

The biggest problem which stops people from learning English speaking is their hesitation. Generally learners hesitate thinking what others will think about them. If they speak incorrect English, people will laugh at them. Such people should keep in their mind one day or other day they have to start. You cannot learn to speak in English unless you start speaking in English. Don’t care what people will think about you. Maybe you do mistakes but it’s ok. Everybody learns from his mistakes. You remember how you learned driving a bike or scooter. How does a small baby learn walking? He falls many times but learns to walk. This is the way to learn something new. Be confident and just speak.

5. Practise:

I always emphasize on practice. Practice makes a man perfect. Do practice to speak in English. Unless you start speaking in English, you will not learn to speak in English. Speak to yourself. Speak in front of mirror to develop your confidence. Choose a topic and speak about it. You can describe the things around you in English. Talk to other people in English. Do not bother about your mistakes. Just practise to speak in English everyday.

Listen to others who speak in English by watching English movies, serials, plays, news or advertisements etc. If you listen to others in English, it improves your English speaking skills also. Read something aloud in English. Choose a story or a small passage and read that loudly so that you can hear yourself. This way English sentences and words are registered in your mind which improves your speaking skills also.

Another important tip to practise is to think in English. you can think about anything in English. It may be about your future plan, wedding plan, about your friend, parents or your visit to any place or about your day etc. Think what can you think. When you think in English, you get a kind of practice to speak in English. Your thinking process makes you ready to speak in English in more prepared way. Nobody will stop you or intrupt you for your mistakes while you think in English. You are king/queen of your own thoughts. So think and improve your English speaking.

These were 5 very different but useful tips to start speaking in English. I hope you will follow these tips to improve your English speaking.

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