English Words for body problems and diseases

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We know it well that English is a second language for Indians that’s why they have to work hard to be fluent in English by improving their pronunciation and vocabulary.
Today’s post is for non native speakers who understand English but sometimes some words related to body problems or names for diseases in English create confusion in their mind. So in this post, I will discuss about such words in Hindi and their meaning in English.

सूजन – Inflammation
पीड़ादायक – Sore
मोच- Sprain
मरोड़ – Torsion or spasm
चक्कर आना giddiness or dizziness
फोड़ा- boil
मस्से – warts
सांस फूलना- breathlessness
हाँफना- Gasp or Puffing
डकार लेना – belch, burp
आँख फड़कना – Twitching Eye
सुन्न – numb
खसरा- Measles
I hope you have got more words in English which will not be a hindrance for your fluency in English speaking.

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