Formal vs Informal English

Formal and informal English serve different purposes. They are not very different from each other. The line of difference between formal and informal English can be quite blurry. Most of the time, people use informal expressions instead of formal expressions. The choice of words and expressions vary between the two styles. Formal English is used

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Syllable Structure in English

Syllable Syllable is another important concept of English pronunciation. Syllables are the building blocks of a word. Unless we understand syllables, we will continue to make mistakes in pronunciation. To know about a syllable in detail, click here.Understanding syllables helps a lot with pronunciation. They improve reading and speaking skills also. When we say a word, the sounds

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Cacophony- A Literary Device in English

Cacophony Cacophony – a literary device in English is a combination of words that sound harsh or unpleasant together. As a literary device, cacophony refers to the usage of several unharmonious or dissonant sounds in a line or passage. These unharmonious and dissonant sounds usually include the explosive consonants k, t, g, d, p, and b. Other consonants that can have

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Most Common Grammatical Mistakes / Test with Solution

Hello Everyone! English Grammar plays very important role to construct sentences correctly. Sometimes it becomes difficult for many people to follow all grammar rules correctly that is why they do mistakes. Today in this post, I’ll discuss common grammatical mistakes which people usually do. Check it out whether you know about these mistakes or not?

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