Question Tags – Quiz

Here is Question Tags – Quiz – a quiz based on Question Tags. You will have 10 questions. Choose the correct answer out of the four options. Check your score. Count 10% for each correct answer. You should score 80% or above to pass this quiz. If you score less than 80%, watch the video below.

1. He is running very fast.

Is he?

Doesn’t he?

Isn’t he?

Is it?


isn’t he?

≡2. I am working hard.

Am I?

Are I?

Ain’t I?

Do I?


Ain’t I?

≡3. She spoke well.

Didn’t she?

Did she?

Doesn’t she?

Does she?


didn’t she?

≡4. You will go there.

Will you

Won’t you

Don’t you

Can you


won’t you?

≡5. Joy has not done it.

Hasn’t he?

Has Joy?

Hadn’t he?

Has he?


hasn’t he?

≡6. They work for you.

Don’t they?

Do they?

Did they?

Didn’t they?


don’t they?

≡7. Hary never came to meet me.

Had he?

Didn’t he?

Did he?

Does Hary?


did he?

≡8. I do not need to invite him.

Didn’t I?

Don’t I?

Did I?

Do I?


do I?

9. She is so beautiful.

Is she?

Isn’t it?

Isn’t she?

Does she?


isn’t she?

10. His phone is ringing.

Isn’t it?

Isn’t he?

Is it?

Is this?


isn’t it?

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